We use primarily Sony F55 cameras for our productions. The F55 is one of the few cinematic cameras with global shutter which eliminates the rolling shutter effect that is seen on most cinematic cameras. It enables S-log3 recording so that content can be recorded with a dynamic range of 14 stops at small file sizes; this delivers the perfect base for grading in postproduction.


It can also shoot at 180fps to get continuous slow-motion recording which is ideal for capturing fast paced action.


The camera is used with PL or EF primes and zoom lenses and can also use regular B4 broadcast zoom lenses.


- Super 35mm sensor

- HD, 2K, UHD and 4K resolution

- 180 fps

- S-log2 and S-log3 gamma

- XDCAM 50Mbs, XAVC 100-480 Mbs, HDCAM SR recording formats

- PL mount, EOS mount and B4 mount


Two Sony F55 Super 35 CineAlta Cameras

Sony A7s mk II Full frame mirrorless

Metabones FZ-EF Adaptors

16-35, 24-70, 70-200 mm Canon L zoom lenses

100 mm Canon L Macro Lens

Sachtler 18 carbon tripod


2 x Wisycom microports with DPA mics.

1 x Sennheiser AVX microport system

Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotgun mic.

Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun mic.

Beyer Dynamics M58 Handmic.

SQN 4s Audio mixer


3 x Brightcast Bi-color Flexible LED lights

2 x C-Stands

1 x 3m Autopole

2 x Flags

Large collapsable reflector silver/white

Large collapsable reflector Translucent

140x190 cm collapsable green/blue screen

8x3m Black Molton backdrop

Optical Accessories

Vocas 325 4x4 mattebox

Vocas followfocus

Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/8

Tiffen 0.6 Hard Grad

Tiffen 0.6 Soft Grad

Tiffen Linear Pol

Tiffen Circulær Pol


DJI Inspire 2 - Quadcopter

  • Records RAW, Prores 4444 and AVCHD
  • 5.2k MFT camera
  • 12, 15, 25 or 45 mm prime lenses
  • 14-42 mm Zoom lens
  • Gimbal controller with focuswheel
  • Full HD downlink
  • 25 min. flight time

DJI Mavic PRO - Quadcopter

  • Foldable, light and optimized for travel
  • 25 min. flight time

Still camera

Canon 5D Mk.II DSLR

Sony A7s Mk.II

16-35mm f2.8 L Canon Lens

24-70mm f2.8 L Canon Lens

100mm f2.8 L Canon Macro Lens

70-200mm f2.8 L Canon Lens

2 x Profoto D1 Air 500W Studio Flash

Backdrop system

Evamarine underwater Bag for 5D


Ronin 2 camera stabilizer

Ready-Rig GS Pro

Zhiyun Crane 2 stabilizer with focus control

Teleprompter for iPad

Eazy dolly med 7m of rails

iFootage Shark carbon slider

Motorized turntable

Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K 7" Recorder/Monitor

Atomos Samurai Blade Prores Recorder/Monitor

2 x Teradek clip digital wireless monitoring system

4 x Betso TCXSTimecode tranceivers


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